Temporary Jobs: The Pros And Cons

Temp works are a quick fix most especially during busy work months. Even at temporary coverage such as illness, vacation and maternity leave. Today, it is safe to say that temp works are essential to almost people around the globe.

Why has temp workers become one of the biggest and most important trends around the world? It is because job security no longer exists nowadays. The main idea of company loyalty is quite lost now. With the unstoppable downsizing and non-core competencies to compete just to stay in the global marketplace, skillful persons are indeed needed.

Since some workers aren’t able to find security in their jobs anymore, it is better first to find it within their selves. The up roaring temp industry gives people the biggest opportunity to improve and use their skills while moving from one job to another.

Why Company Love Temps?

Obviously, businesses are fond of temp workers because they can save money. Since hiring full-time workers mean much more than that of a salary. Benefits must also be given to full-time workers; hence you will be spending more of your money. So when using temp workers- sadly, they don’t usually have benefits – company costs can be drastically cut. Companies can save money because they don’t need to pay for the training ‘of the workers. Temp agencies always ensure the skills needed for particular jobs before sending them out.

For instance, some paralegals at a firm got terminated. But because he needed work he looks immediately for temp paralegal jobs at New York temp agencies. This can easily access them to a new worker that will fit their need.

On the legal side, companies may worry less in terms of wrongful termination and harassment lawsuit. If the temp you hire is not working out, you can easily fire him and hire a new one. Temps, who always lack company loyalty, may be too prone for disregarding confidential agreements.

Temping Pros and Cons

Who said companies are the only one to benefit from this matter? If you are that kind of person who enjoys having a flexible schedule and the varied working environment, the best path for you to take is through tempting. Tempting allows you to improve your skills- and learn new ones – and earn wages that are often higher than that you get when being a full-time worker. If you then want to be a permanent worker, temporary jobs can be your stepping stone to achieving your goal.

However, flexibility has its price. Most of the temp workers don’t have the perks of being a full-time worker. Just like health insurance, pension plan, bonuses and paid vacations.  Temp workers often risk receiving unfair treatment from their supervisors or their full-time workers. It may look too immature, but sometimes they think of the temps as an outsider who doesn’t have rights to be part of their group. They may also lack on security matters, they may have to work things they don’t want.

As a temp worker, you must weigh things correctly. Before deciding to become a temp worker or not better know the pros and cons you might get. Decide according to what will make you happy and secure!