The Great Thing of Having a Law Degree

Why law? That would probably be the question you are to be asked over and over again most especially if you start thinking of a career in law and if it will fit you perfectly. You will surely answer it during your mock interviews, work placement application forms, when applying for a course, at tutor meetings… the list goes on.

It also has some variations – “why do you think you are perfectly suited for a career in law?” and “what’s the primary reason why you want to be a lawyer?”

So if you are in college or at school and thinking of pursuing for legal jobs in New York someday, it is a nice idea to start considering how you will answers these questions above.

Sometimes, people are quite dismayed and sad about how little our law degree is seemingly doing for us on these days. The current law graduates and even students see the very depressing job market nowadays and may probably wonder how they are going to pay their student loan once they graduate. Law grads students often choose to jump one contract job to another contract job or simply to battle with unemployment. Many season attorneys and youngsters have that job, but they are not happy.

Many of us even kick ourselves just to be on a law school. We generally rip ourselves for that main decision. But in our retrospect, we feel like we should have gone for an MBA o to take that job in finance or to simply explore the world around us. Or maybe we should have followed our dream and passion and be a writer, an artist, a teacher, or even a bartender.

Many of us are not really happy, most specifically are not happy with the decision of being in a law school.

Yes, it is true that most of us did not critically think on the reason why we want to be on a law school. We simply took the LSAT, applied, got accepted and then, went in. That what most of us did. Many law students pay more time critically considering the new purchase of latest gadgets than we did whether to be in law school, a good thing or a bad one for you.

But not all students are lost. There is indeed tons of value in your law degree. Ironically, it is often realized once you already left law school behind. Once you know and were able to answer these, you will found out the great things you will gain once you have your law degree with you.

Non-lawyers think you are really smart. You will be surrounded by different kinds of lawyers in your professional life – even personal – and would feel like a smart attorneys are a dime a dozen. You will still be amazed how respected lawyers are, in their companies, organizations, and start-ups. Yes, lawyer jokes still arise but they come more so out of grudging respect a playful needling. They are still thought in through the business world as reliable, intelligent and better to have on one’s side.

Can able to issue spot like no one else did. Issue spotting is a thing that comes naturally to us. Even if we like it or not, many of lawyers, when given a problem, do know how to instinctively take a step back, take a break, as well as to probe on the real issue. With these, we can easily identify the right action to take given this situation. This is what we call as “invaluable skill.” But many of us take this for granted. There are a lot of issues arising on a daily basis (bad press, IT downtime, personal matters, and approaching deadlines) that being able to see the root of the problem first is an essential business skill. Many non-lawyers do not have this skill.

You are well-discipline. Lawyers always work hard. You may be so hard on yourself and think that you slack off or can still push yourself more. But there are not many industries out there that constantly prepare its members to work hard to get the job done. Work on Sundays. Work during Saturdays. Work late at night. Respond abruptly to every email. Make sure issues are solved. Tie up and lose ends. Make sure your clients are well taken care.

Temporary Jobs: The Pros And Cons

Temp works are a quick fix most especially during busy work months. Even at temporary coverage such as illness, vacation and maternity leave. Today, it is safe to say that temp works are essential to almost people around the globe.

Why has temp workers become one of the biggest and most important trends around the world? It is because job security no longer exists nowadays. The main idea of company loyalty is quite lost now. With the unstoppable downsizing and non-core competencies to compete just to stay in the global marketplace, skillful persons are indeed needed.

Since some workers aren’t able to find security in their jobs anymore, it is better first to find it within their selves. The up roaring temp industry gives people the biggest opportunity to improve and use their skills while moving from one job to another.

Why Company Love Temps?

Obviously, businesses are fond of temp workers because they can save money. Since hiring full-time workers mean much more than that of a salary. Benefits must also be given to full-time workers; hence you will be spending more of your money. So when using temp workers- sadly, they don’t usually have benefits – company costs can be drastically cut. Companies can save money because they don’t need to pay for the training ‘of the workers. Temp agencies always ensure the skills needed for particular jobs before sending them out.

For instance, some paralegals at a firm got terminated. But because he needed work he looks immediately for temp paralegal jobs at New York temp agencies. This can easily access them to a new worker that will fit their need.

On the legal side, companies may worry less in terms of wrongful termination and harassment lawsuit. If the temp you hire is not working out, you can easily fire him and hire a new one. Temps, who always lack company loyalty, may be too prone for disregarding confidential agreements.

Temping Pros and Cons

Who said companies are the only one to benefit from this matter? If you are that kind of person who enjoys having a flexible schedule and the varied working environment, the best path for you to take is through tempting. Tempting allows you to improve your skills- and learn new ones – and earn wages that are often higher than that you get when being a full-time worker. If you then want to be a permanent worker, temporary jobs can be your stepping stone to achieving your goal.

However, flexibility has its price. Most of the temp workers don’t have the perks of being a full-time worker. Just like health insurance, pension plan, bonuses and paid vacations.  Temp workers often risk receiving unfair treatment from their supervisors or their full-time workers. It may look too immature, but sometimes they think of the temps as an outsider who doesn’t have rights to be part of their group. They may also lack on security matters, they may have to work things they don’t want.

As a temp worker, you must weigh things correctly. Before deciding to become a temp worker or not better know the pros and cons you might get. Decide according to what will make you happy and secure!